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"I consulted Anne-Laure about 3 months ago. For a few months I felt bad, all the time bloated and very tired. I was often sick, catching any virus around. After a thorough examination, Anne-Laure gave me clear and simple instructions on the food my body needed, the best combinations and the ones to avoid. I felt much better very quickly.

My belly deflated in 3 days, I really felt an immediate difference.

I also felt fitter and stronger. My colds, when I catch them, do not turn into throat infection or bronchitis anymore.


Thanks to Anne-Laure, I changed my way of eating, but above all

I changed my relationship with my body. I am listening more to myself, my feelings of hunger and satiety. I feel at peace with my body.

I am very grateful to Anne-Laure for her ability to listen, her patience and her insight."

"I consulted for several problems (migraines, digestive troubles and intestinal parasitosis). The food intolerance test is very complete. It has been several months since I have been following the diet recommended by Anne-Laure and I feel that I have much more energy. I sleep better and consequently I suffer much less from migraines. I no longer have parasite infection following the plant-based treatment prescribed. I find this method very complete because it does not stop at the nutritional aspect of the consultation, it seeks and treats in depth the root causes."

"For a year my stomach made me horribly suffer. I had stomach pains with vomiting three times a week, especially in the evening. I had no idea what could be the cause of this problem. Some food intolerances maybe? I had the feeling that everything could have been the cause of these terrible aches. Furthermore, I could not control my weight and I took on a lot.


I spent 2 hours consulting with Anne-Laure. Her diagnosis changed my life. I now know exactly what upsets my stomach, I know what I should avoid eating, and also what food I should not mix together. I left alone without regret some food and rediscovered new tastes. I now give my body exactly what it needs for its balance, and to make my organs work efficiently. My stomach is now happy: it works quietly without complaining! No more bloating, pain, spasms, diarrhea or vomiting. Moreover, in only one month, I lost one size of clothing, without deprivation nor frustration.


I finally realized that we are what we eat. This may be obvious to some people, but there is a step to be taken to practice this and really feel well. I am delighted to have taken this step!"

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