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The food intolerance test is based on the fact that food, like any other chemical substance, creates an electromagnetic radiation and can have a certain influence at molecular level.

The food we test, when inserted in the closed circuit, can create a variation of the reference units which indicate whether or not there is an intolerance to the particular food. If tested as intolerant, this food is then excluded from the diet for a period of time, before being reintroduced later.

Non processed food contains the nutriments which are essential to a balanced health. They act positively and negatively on our well-being; not just physically but also energetically and mentally! They can produce feelings such as disgust, aggressiveness, anguish as well as closeness with others, well-being and joy- This is why the choice of food is so important.

Food intolerance can manifest itself in many different ways on the body and weakens it. Digestive issues, allergies, dermatosis, weight gains or obesity, hair loss, ear infections, migraines, chronic fatigue, depression are all so many pathologies which can be directly linked with food intolerance.

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