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What is EAV (Electro-acupuncture according to Voll)?

It is a diagnostic and therapeutic method with biophysical basis. It was invented in 1953, thanks to the intuition of Dr Reinhold Voll and his collaborators. With this device, you can measure the energy of the acupuncture points and thus have accurate information about the patient’s functional status, its organs and systems. EAV enables us to have accurate information about the possible cause of the disease that affixes the patient. This way, we will have the opportunity to implement targeted therapies and be more effective.

Our energy is modified by our lifestyle, some medications, bacteria, insecticides, viruses, as well of certain type of food. Thanks to EAV it is possible early to detect the pathogen changes and their causes, then to act before physiologic damages can be found. Furthermore this technique allows to identify the natural medicines adapted for the treatment of each patient (phytotherapy, micro nutrients, vitamins and minerals) as well as the toxic substances and food which can be hurtful to your health.

The main advantage of this technique is that you don´t have to wait to get your results, unlike with other classic analysis (blood test, urine test, scanner). The method is completely painless. It does not use needles but metal supports which, in contact with the patient, allow us to measure the bioelectric state (impedance) of various acupuncture points belonging to the classical meridians of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Apart from highlighting certain potential illnesses, it also offers solutions. It has a preventive aspect because functional imbalances appear before potential cell injuries. This method can diagnose allergies, food intolerance, functional and hormonal malfunctions, imbalance of the intestinal flora (candidiasis, parasitic infection etc…) or other lack of vitamins, amino acids, micro-nutrients, essential fatty acids.